Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend in Olympia, WA

Having fun exploring my new home. Olympia is a very cool little city, full of artists and little shops and cafe's.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Niagara Falls...Canada.

Hmmmm.....Vegas? Atlantic City? No, Niagara Falls, Canada style.

Do you feel what I'm screamin???

Waldo and Co.

Random shots....

Olympia, WA

Have to have a rain hat!!

I knew I had to buy this before Natalie arrives. She would never have approved....but I love it! :)
Note Starbucks behind me.

Our new home!


Pikes Market. The "Pig" was donated years ago by a farmer and became a mascot of the market. This is where they "throw the fish". Kathy wasn't big on the fish throwing, but loved the market.

Lewis? Clark? Anyone????


Idaho....out of the mountains.

A little tired.

I was so tired at this point I didn't realize I had lost the lens from my glasses until I was back in the car and ready to drive. Found the lens when I unloaded the car in WA. This was in Idaho.

Kathy's 15 minutes of driving!

I thought I could handle having someone else drive.....15 minutes was all I could take! Not because of Kath's driving, but because I can't handle being a passenger. :)

Wall Drug, Wall, SD

This place is a tourist's dream come true! We saw Billboards for 300 miles before we got there!!! Fun!

May 21, 2011
Sorry guys! I have been getting settled into my new place and haven't had a chance to write. I have more pictures to share and hope to get them on here tonight.
Our new place is very nice. However, the 3 flights of stairs leave a lot to be desired! My hip has been in revolt for the past few days. I think I'll have to go bionic before summer is out.
My new job is good. Very different and I have much to learn. A challenge!
Look for the pictures soon!!
Washington is beautiful!