Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodbye JP Oil...

I was running empty on gas the other day and remembered that I drove past JP Oil the day before and noticed, well yelled out loud to myself in excitement, that the gas was listed at $3.39. It is 30cents cheaper than anywhere on that street, let alone in the entire city. So, I decided to go back. Except I noticed a huuuge orange poster in the door window, and realized the "Open"sign wasn't lit.

Though not the best picture ever, how sad is the huge "SEIZED" sign?! It said the business was seized by the Feds due to lack of payment of taxes. 

Though it's not a huge surprise given the economy, it's sad. JP Oil is one of those family business gas stations in town. Gas is always fairly pricey, but the owner was uber nice. Always took care of my car (well, twice) and was just sweet. 

So, farewell JP Oil. Maybe you'll be unseized by the time I head out west and I'll be able to come fill up one last time. 

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