Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beautiful weather

I really hope the Washington weather stays as it is. Sunny, clear skies, and 70 to 80 degrees. PERFECT. I know this is wishful thinking and it will quickly go back to dreary rain in a few weeks, so I'm trying to soak it all in while I can.

I had the past two days off so I went exploring with Riley. Yesterday we went to mom's work and Riley hung out with some of the old folks. She enjoyed herself, and it made their day as well. Once she's a bit older and better behaved she can go to work with mom. She's surprisingly good. Today we went to Priest Point Park in Olympia. I took a few photos, and she again did well. People love her. She sits right down and lets them pat her and she jumps minimally. Doesn't mind kids around her either. Success so far. She's pooped now so sleeping under me at mom's desk. We've had two or three days free of accidents in the house- hooray!

Work's going well. I've had a few days where we've had a good lunch rush. The owner is really good about helping me out. He'll run my food, bus tables, anything to make sure I'm somewhat out of the weeds. I enjoy being busy, so it's good. I'm working a double tomorrow, on during the day by myself and training behind the bar at night. Friday nights are their busiest, so it'll be good training for me.

I went to Portland over the weekend to visit with Erika. Went out to a bar on Saturday night near her house which was a fun time. Old school hip hop and 90s music- fabulous! Sunday we went to Sauvie Island, about 30 minutes outside of Portland. Laid on the beach and played football and frisbee in the river. Aaaaand it was a nude beach. Haha. We preferred to keep our clothes on, while others (mostly old men) chose otherwise. Either way a fun time. Had to drive back early Monday morning to get to work on time. Woof. But, no traffic. I was able to sneak in the house while mom was out with the dog to get an extra hour's sleep before going in.

I'm waiting on my WA plates to come in the mail. BAHSTON it is! I see people every so often with Sox hats. Not so much Celtics gear. Dad don't worry, I have your old school jacket out here with me and my jersey's. Season or not, I'll be representing something. When people compliment me on my tattoo I make sure they know the meaning behind the shamrock.

Okay, people should start visitinggggg! Jack might come around my birthday (BUY YOUR TICKET!) and everyone else should come too. Anytime!

Here's a few shots of Riley from today.

Until next time- love ya!

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