Monday, August 29, 2011

Rollerderby. And golf!

Growing up my dad always told me the first rule of golf was to wear funny clothes. I would rather watch paint dry than watch golf on tv, and am horrible at mini golf, so there's no way I would have ever thought I'd end up on a golf course.

Well, I did. Barb and I photographed the Cuffs and Trucks tournament at a local golf course. I was the designated golf cart driver. We had quite the time. I was able to use mom's camera base and Barb's lens. Took a TON of pictures (Barb tell me that I'll eventually go from 800 pictures to 20 GREAT shots), and had a good time! We hung out with local sheriffs who were hysterical to photograph. Barb's in the process of doing basic edits to them and will post on her website. We'll see if anyone purchases our works of art!

Here's a video I took of us. Bear with the tipsy turvey upside down iPhone driving while videotaping quality haha.

This past Saturday night mom and I went to see the Oly Rollers show off in two roller derby bouts. One against Tacoma and the other Eugene, OR. They're damn good! It's crazy how good they are. It was great experience for me to try and perfect shutter speed, lighting, and getting THE shot. Well, I got about 500 shots, and a few that I'm quite proud of. Here's a few that have been tweaked a little bit.

I loved that the one girl painted half of her face- it was a great contrast and something to capture. I tried my best to tell the STORY of what's happening. I don't know much about derby, but I know that the person with the star on their head is always trying to push through the pack in order to get points. Thus all the pushing and blocking. 

Okay, I feel slightly more accomplished now that I've updated. 

Also! I can't believe all the damage Irene caused back home in NY. I've seen clips online about Windham, NY and how it's all been under water. Bad pictures up on facebook about Tannersville and Hunter area. Sad. Hope everyone is okay and staying safe. I know my dad is without power in NH still. At least it's warm out and not freezing like the last time he lost power for a week. 

Goodnight all. xoxox 

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