Monday, August 29, 2011


I have a few posts that I need to write, and I've been slacking a bit. Lots going on, good things!

First- we got a puppy! Her name is Riley. After much discussion, back and forth, searching online, pretending the fish was a real dog (his name is "Dawg"), mom and I agreed on getting the real thing. It's been a while since we had one, and it's time for another go at it. Mom found Riley on craigslist Friday night and we went up to Bothell, WA to get her Saturday morning. Lady is a bit, well, crazy? We consider it a rescue mission. Riley is 3.5 months old, cocker spaniel, brown- super cute. Needs some socialization with other dogs, but she's getting better each day. She has her own room (aka the spare half bath) where she is gated during the day while we're at work. Today she did really well! We took her down to Tumwater Falls this evening for a walk, and she's now asleep under my feet. And mom's asleep on the bed. I guess they're both pooped.

I haven't taken any great pictures of her yet, so here's a couple mom took on her iPhone.

In other news, work is going well thus far. They seem to like me and I'm mostly on day shifts. It's nice because it usually goes fast- 10:30-5ish. I'm the only server on so I'm managing the dining room and bar area. Never gets packed (watch, tomorrow I'll get slammed more than ever haha), but has a steady stream of lunch people. Lots of locals and frequent customers which is good. I have the weekend off and think I'll end up in Seattle at a music festival. We shall see. 

I've been on a mission to take decent photos of Mt. Rainier. Mom and I went up with the pup on Sunday to Paradise, part of Mt. Rainier park. Very pretty. Gorgeous outside (while the East Coast was getting hammered by Irene), but I still can't perfect the shot. All in due time. I have a few pictures of the mountain that I need to edit, but I'm too tired to do so tonight. 

Tis all for this moment. I'll post again in a few with ROLLERDERBY pictures! And talk golf. 

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