Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So, an update as it has been a while...  In order to keep track I shall number my updates. They will likely be random and in no specific order.

1. I've started a job waitressing. Very different from the east coast. This is not the Sea Ketch kids. Smaller restaurant, good food, but just so different. I can't even explain it because I'm still wrapping my head around it. During training the girl I followed told me I need to smile more. .... hmm. I smile, but when I'm busy, I just get in the zone. I'll smile at you when I'm at your table, but you want me to smile the entire time? I don't know. She told me it might be a Boston thing- I guess there's another girl who works there from Boston. I'm dying to meet her, mostly because I want another Boston friend who doesn't smile. The shifts at the place are weird- tomorrow I work 6-8pm. Random. But, unlike NH wait staff make minimum wage, which is around $8, as opposed to $2.36. So, that is a plus. Not SK tips, but hopefully the hourly wage will help.

2. Visited Seattle last Tuesday night with Erika, and went back today to see Vanessa who I used to work at HarborCOV with. Vanessa did quite the job of selling me on Seattle, just like Erika did with Portland. Sigh, makes me want to go back to school! I got to see a different side of Seattle that I didn't see before, mostly around UW area and Capital Hill. Cute areas and little cafe's. I might look into moving up that way depending on how things go.

3. I miss traffic. People here are "Oh my, so much traffic today!" when it's really nothing. I miss Storrow Drive and Rt 1. Driving in Seattle traffic today made me happy.

4. Mt Rainier disappears. It's unexplainable unless you're here or have experienced it. I went on a search for it last night to photograph because it was clear. I thought I knew where to see it, and then it wasn't there, but then it was. I probably sound crazy, and that's okay, but it's interesting. It's been super clear the past few days, so wherever I go the mountain follows.

5. Taking lots and lots of pictures. And editing many of them. I've posted a few on facebook and I'll load them on here tomorrow maybe. All of them are on my external hard drive which is plugged into mom's computer (So much nicer to edit on a BIG screen as opposed to my LITTLE one), and she's sleeping. And I'm too lazy to get up.

6. WA police are serious about no talking on cell phones when driving. Found that out yesterday when talking with my dad on the way to work. Whoops. But I talked myself out of the ticket.

7. I officially have WA plates and a license here. I requested "BAHSTON" as my plate. Very different here- I had to fill out an application for my top 3 choices (2nd was "WICKED9" <--1st vanity plate I had back in NH, and 3rd "HEYOO"), and I won't know if the plate is approved for a few weeks. When I got my license all I had to do was show my old MA license and tell them where I live. Very different from MA where you need lots of proof.

8. Thank goodness for skype. And apparently now Facebook has video chatting. Got to skype with Rob and wolfpack members in Long Island. Yayyyy.

9. my favorite number.

10. I'm going with Barb and one of her students (who is a HS senior and soooo talented and smart and great) on Monday to photograph a golf tournament. God I hate golf. I really wanna just wear funny clothes (dad always said the 1st rule of golf is wear funny clothes) and go off roading with the golf cart. Both of which I'll probably do, while being a good assistant to Barb and taking lots of pictures.

11. Anyone have a nice RV they wanna give me and Barb? We wanna go on the road and do street photography, but it'll be way more fun with an RV to store all of our stuff.

12. Need your pictures taken? contact me and Barb ( We'll go anywhere. We're fun, hip, and take good shots. Enough said.

13. I think that's all for now. I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but wanted to give an update. For everyone back east, miss youuuuuu. Send me post cards (PANTS!!! Send the damn thing), or come visit.

14. JK pulled a few pictures off my email I've edited. Enjoy.

Mt Rainier in the distance. Not the best shot, but it's something!

Me with the Space Needle in the distance. taken today by Vanessa at Volunteer Park, Seattle. 

The CAPITAL in Olympia. I call it the State House cuz it's what I'm used to in Boston. But no, it's the CAPITAL.

ok, goodniiiiight!

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