Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick post

Good morning!
Liz and I made it to Cooke City, MT after one hell of a road we traveled. For those of you who know the mountain road in Tannersville, this has nothing on it. Very very high. Steep. Windy. Never been so close to the sky or moon in my life. We ended up going at a beautiful time, right around sunset. I took some of the best pictures, EVER, and am wicked excited about it. Internet here is slow so I don't have time to post many as Liz is finishing getting ready (poor thing caught the cold I had- sorry!!) and we're off to explore Yellowstone.
Real quick though, the "town" we're in has a full time population of 98, the school house (I just took pictures of it) is for k-8, one room. 3 kids will go there this year. For high school families have to decide where to send their kids and for the family who owns this lodge (we're in the CUTEST cabin- NOT waterfront lodging mom and Barb!) will send their child to Cody. To get there in winter they'll take a snow mobile down to the parking lot a few miles away and then drive to the school. Roads aren't plowed. There's still snow here. We drove through huuuuge snowbanks last night. Very surreal, but beautiful.

Here's one picture. We also took two video's that I'll be sure to upload once to WA. 

We'll be saying in Missoula, MT tonight about 4-5hrs away from here. Then it's one last push to Olympia. Yee! Though this is all beautiful scenery and Liz and I will never experience it again with anyone else, we're ready for home. I'm sure she's ready for the lights and sounds of Boston, and I just want a home cooked meal by my mom.

Alright, Liz has surfaced and we're packing up. Absolutely no cell service until who knows when. We're alive! Love to all! xoxoxo

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