Wednesday, July 6, 2011

so close!

Ahh, to be in a comfy hotel bed before 11pm. Today was another busy busy day, but absolutely beautiful. I looooove Yellowstone and want to go back there ASAP. We saw bison, a black bear, elk (I think?), and some very cool things. I want to go on a photo expedition throughout the entire park which will take forever, but it's exciting. We only saw a tiny portion of the park, and it was great. I got quite a bit of sun, and in typical Natalie fashion it's not even in the least bit, but oh well!

Now that we have decent internet I'll post some pictures from yesterday as well. We saw Mt Rushmore which was awesome.

Mt Rushmore from tunnel 1 on 16a. 

Lookin' good guys. 

Spongebob hanging out on the way up the big scary mountain to Cooke City, MT. I think it's called Bear Tooth Pass. 

We're alive. 


The road ahead...

Can't even explain it.

Oh hey huuuge snow banks. 

The blog isn't finding all the pix I added today so I'll try another post.

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